In addition to online retail and brand management activities in China, we also provide value added services to selected clients. Services include a comprehensive line of consulting services - from brand positioning analysis to effective store opening, for a successful entry in the greater China area.

Market Analysis

Before entering the Chinese Mainland market, successful business development requires a detailed analysis of your potential market, and the assessment of the level of demand for your products or services.

The more you know about the local business environment and regulation, the more successful you will be. We are here to help you to determine the attractiveness of the local Chinese market in your domain, its evolving opportunities, the best structure to adopt for a successful entry, and any market threats as we evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your business plan.

Online Strategy and Store Opening

We can help you enter the Mainland China market and focus on online retail sales. We plan, design, and execute a successful online sales strategy, always minimizing client risk while maximizing sales and market exposure. For more information, email us at


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